Frances explained why she writes; here’s my take.

I’m an IT guy in my day job. I enjoy it. I love solving problems, helping people and keeping the business running smoothly. But it doesn’t do much for my creative side. I occasionally write user manuals and operating procedures, but that’s all technical.

Like a lot of you, I imagine, my imagination is always running. An epic battle may be playing out in my head one minute, and a quiet romantic moment the next. I’ll get an image in my head and it ends up the focal point of a story within minutes. Having these worlds inside my head is a fun diversion and keeps my day from being too boring. But why keep all of that contained when I could bring it to life? I just want to let it out. I sometimes feel like I have to just to make room for other stuff …

I write to give that expression – to explore a side of me that my 9 to 5 job just doesn’t touch.