Nap often, everyone needs at least 26 hours of sleep a day.

Observe everything until you know it intimately, then eat it.

If someone licks you, lick them back. It’s only polite.


Look before you leap – you never know where the damn dog is hiding.

If you want to do something, just do it and who cares if your human has to clean up the mess.

Seek ye first the wet food. The dry crap can wait.


Stand your ground. If that does not work bite someone.

If it’s tasty hide it under the bed, and if it is not so good give it to your human.

Know your place in the world then take it


It’s not falling if you do it with style.

The grass is definitely greener on the outside.

If you get caught stealing someone’s food look cute, and act like you did them a favor.

Make your mark on life be sure to scratch everything.

Always eat your greens what else are house plants for?

The devil lives in flying insects kill them all on sight.

Friends can be made anywhere.