As most of you know I am affiliated with New Zenith Magazine. We have the same mission which is to help writers become all they can be. So with that said New Zenith would like to publish some cartoons in their magazine.

Here is the current call.

  1. They would like a regular humorous strip that encompasses all genres of writing. They don’t want to rule anything out so as long as it is clean and eventually crosses every genre they are pretty open.
  2. The second call is for single cell comics. The first should be a robot  using a desktop computer. On the computer screen should be a captcha. Above that should read still on the computer screen should read “Prove you aren’t a robot” The robot should look shocked and amazed, angry and put out. There should be a speech bubble over with some angry statement or series of characters to imply the robots anger.

Cartoon 2 will appear here on my blog. It should be a fashionable mom who looks frazzled. Along a wall near her should appear a series of eyes meant to imply a whole family, husband and  four children;  a teen boy,  teen girl, and two  toddler boys. The Caption over the mom should read “I often talk to the walls and sometimes they even answer me.”

Send submissions to my email

Submissions for the magazine should go to

They accept narrative fiction, poetry, cartoons, illustrations, sketches and photography.