Here by popular demand is our prompt feature. New Zenith Magazine received so many great submissions to our first prompt. We agonized over them trying our best to choose the top 6 prompt entries for the magazine’s print/web editions. It was plain awful. Finally we have a vote and 6 were chosen. By the kind permission of every author who’s story you will find under the Category” Summer 2016 Prompt  you will find the rest of these worthy stories. The Summer 2016 prompt was “I woke up and found myself…”

We will be posting one every day until we run out.

And with no further ado. Here is … (PS Thanks Mark, you’re simply a gem!)

Playin’ Possum

by Mark Wolf


I woke up and found myself a hundred years older.

Not unexpected.

Wearing a possum-suit, however…

Our brain trust (literally) was frozen brains shipped aboard a sleeper-ship from Earth to somewhere out there, far, far away.

Those brains were supposed to be restored back into cloned human bodies at Proxima Centauri, our destination.

Something must have happened.

“No shit, Sherlock!” That’s my Ava. She’s my lovin’ little woman. Wellused to be. She’s not a woman anymore. Now she’s a Jill.

That’s a female possum, sort ofif they do the bipedal thing. My woman now wears bleach-dyed pink fur, with a blue peroxide wash out on her dome. I better be careful. That might be intended. Best compliment her when I’m awake enough.

My lovin’ little female possum has a petite CB radio antennae grafted onto the center of her head, probably sending on the 27 MHz CB band. She’s up on her hind legs like the others with her front paws on the edge of my med gurney. I’m guessing the other possums around us are the resuscitation team of doctors and tekkies tasked with plugging our brains back into our bodies.

Yup, something must have gone horribly way-ass wrong. I think as I look down my arms to see that they are covered in blue-grey fur.

It’s ill-fated that we, husband and wife, read each other’s thoughts now.

You can only imagine what that will do for domestic tranquility.

“Wake up, old man,” Ava said, barging in on my thoughts again.

“I’m up – I’m up!” I said, or tried to. What came out of my lips was a growl-hiss that reminded me of our old steam radiator unit in our upstairs apartment back in Charlotte. She understood me well enough though. My brain sent the message over the airwaves.

“Humph,” she said.

“What happened?” I said.

“Radiation happened,” a deeper voice. “I’m Dr. Gupta, your Doctor.” A yellow-furred possum walked over and held a diagnostic scanner to my forehead. “Possum genes were the only un-mutated ones left in storage. We’ve been tinkering with them for the last sixty years.”

“Heeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!” Ava said waving her paw at me.

“Huh,” I said. “Our fall-back food source is now us.”

“Well, it’s better we launched from Charlotte Space Port than Bangor, Maine Space Port,” Ava said.

I could only hiss and nod.

The End.

Mark Wolf mug shot

Mark Wolf once wrote, ‘Revenge of the Rabid, Killer Were-possum’ and ‘Killer Krill from Outer Space’. He’d write more such stories if his attendants returned his crayons. He lives in Hawaii, on the side of Mauna Loa, where he writes stories inspired by the lava bubbling far beneath him.


Twitter: @Grenitschee

Facebook: Mark Keigley

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You can also find Mark’s short story “Ray Greene, Lucky Number Seven, and the Brain-Freeze Chickens” in the Summer 2016 issue of New Zenith Magazine.