Some things are universal. This letter makes me think of the long love affair that my husband and I have had for the last 22 years. It makes me feel as if the Atlantic Ocean is just that much smaller. Although, the author hails from the great nation of Kenya, the home to the vast Kalahari Dessert, this letter would be at home anywhere in the world.


My love,

You said, “Do you love animation?” I said yes I did. Then you said, “You should watch Zootopia! You are so adorable like Judy.” Then I laughed so hard and ran to the movie store on the same day and purchased it. In the evening, I received your email saying, “I bet you watched it!” That’s where our love story began.

You have given me so much happiness that has no equal. You met me a broken woman! You met me when the last thing on my mind was love. You met me at my worst. And yet you illuminated my life and ignited my long-dead passion. Your presence made me realize what I had been missing all this time, my love. You are my knight in shining armor.

You made me your queen and showered me with what adorable queens are showered with. You made me your priority. You treat me like I am the most delicate person when I am not. You listen to all my whining and yet never stop looking at me with fascination. You hold my hand even when you are super mad because you say I am your breath, your joy, your headache, your life. Even when we fight, you still care so much. I remember the big fight we had back when I refused to take up a job offer. I cried and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up and found myself in bed, covered and changed into your pajamas. And there you were next to me, staring with amazement at my beauty. I can’t tell you much I was impressed. You told me I was the fairest of all and that you never will let me go.

You always look at me with so much love and marvel at my perfect imperfections. All the silly things I do, you still find them so sexy. Like when I sing along to my favorite songs. Or when I see a cockroach and shriek. Or how I cough, I laugh, I cry. Everything. You have made me feel so loved and cherished.

I am certainly a lucky girl and you, my love, are certainly the best gift God has given me.


I love you so much Japheth.


With love,


Gladwell Pamba

Gladwell Pamba is a young Kenyan teacher by profession. She laughs a lot and loves adventure. She enjoys writing about her African day to day encounters in her creative fiction and non-fiction blog She is an aspiring novelist, with many unpublished manuscripts.

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