Winter Prompt

For the winter prompt, we are hosting a poetry contest “Robert Frost Poetry Contest.” The winning poet will win $25. The second $10, and the third-place winner will receive $5 dollars. One honorary mention will receive publication in our magazine.

Contest Rules

  1. Entrants may submit up to three poems for consideration.
  2. Entrants may only submit poems for which they hold the sole rights
  3. Poems must be in the style of Robert Frost, and contain a winter theme.
  4. No entries will be accepted after Midnight Dec. 15, 2016
  5. Submissions must be original, and not previously published online, or in the US, Canada, or UK.

Our regular short story prompt will also be winter themed. See our guidelines for submitting short fiction. These stories must also have a winter theme and contain a strong story and characterization. Writers may consider but are not limited to winter survival, Family winter fun, winter wildlife stories, winter in other places, and winters past.

Artists are welcome to submit winter themed art for this prompt. The best artist will be invited to produce art for the poetry contest section. Deadline for all Winter 2017 issue submissions is December 15,2016.

This call for submissions also included cover design for the winter cover. We will accept proposals for the Winter Cover. The cover should include a representation of every genre as do our other covers, however we are looking to do an ice blue cover with a frozen over theme. It should appear as if our logo and the genre representations have been frozen over or incased in ice.

All text based submissions should follow our guidelines and be in plain text format such as rtf. Or txt. The submissions should be submitted through our submissions manager

Submit Here

Images or proposals can be sent to submissions@newzenithmagazine. The subject line should describe the email I.E. cover Proposal, or Art Submission.